No More Strangers

In Christ we are no longer strangers, but members of God’s family. Old things are gone, we are new creation … More

Blessing of the Lord

Hebrews 6:14 “Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you.” Don’t let anything hold you back … More

Go and Take the Land

It is time to believe like never before, time to pray like never before and time to get into the … More

The Fight of Faith

Are you a warrior or a worrier? It’s our responsibility to trust in God, we can’t put our trust in … More

That Name

In the Name of Jesus there is salvation, healing, freedom Like a document is signed and person stands behind what … More

On Fire

The Bible says of Jesus in Luke 3:16: “…He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” The … More